It was our first visit to the Science Museum and didn’t know where to start; I saw a family with young children coming down the stairs so decided to ask them what they recommended. ‘Wonderlab’ was the answer.

“You have to pay to go in to Wonderlab but it’s really worth it.”

We followed their advice and I agree, it is worth a visit.

There are different sections in one big area:

Light, Matter, Sound, Space, Maths, Electricity and Forces.

We went in and my 5 year-old daughter explored. It was great fun. It is not huge, but there is a lot to investigate- ideal for budding young scientists.



Chair pulley- you sit on it and use the ropes to raise the chair up.  Spinning round at different speeds holding on to a small column


Liquid magnet-turn the cog and watch the liquid droplets create patterns.

Dry ice= puffing it up into the air


connecting a circuit board


The infinity boxes- basically mirrors. We had great fun looking at each other and seeing our own images change.


Making waves changing the speed of strings

Best of all:

The rocket show.

My daughter, though often shy, loved this and had her hand up to answer lots of questions. She didn’t get picked to answer but did get picked to join in on a forces demonstration!

Not for very little ones, mind as the load noises tended to make them cry…

All in all I thoroughly recommend including Wonderlab in your next trip to the Science Museum; try and catch a show and have fun!