Hoi An is a beautiful town with an ancient centre and a bit further on, a beach that stretches for miles. The town is quite compact, so easy to walk or cycle around. There are plenty of shops and quality eateries, many with real character. It’s good for children of all ages.

We stayed, on friends’ recommendations, at Hoi An Green Apple Hotel. It is not in the centre, but this offers a bonus- it has a swimming pool with loungers. The hotel also has a shuttle that goes into town or to the beach. And of course there’s always Grab car…

Here’s what you can do when in Hoi An:

1) Visit the old town- you can cycle, walk or take a trishaw. Enjoy the colourful lanterns and the old carved wooden buildings. If you’re here for a few days, and your kids have patience, you could choose a tailor and get some clothes made.

2) Walk along the river and go to the local market

3) Catch a singing performance at Xu Dan Trong Art Centre

4) Feel like getting away from the hustle and bustle of the centre? Book at tour and go out into the countryside. Enjoy the bright green of the rice fields, you can see some of the ancient crafts such as carpentry or noodle making. You could even turn your hand to being an organic farmer for a day!

When last in Vietnam, I met a wonderful guide called Hai. He’s super smiley and very knowledgeable. I was lucky enough to have him organise our mini excursions this trip.

I didn’t fancy a major trek so chose a river trip in a round basket boat. Daisy had fun trying to catch crabs.

Hai then asked her if she’d like to ride on a water buffalo.

“Yes,please.” She said. She ended up dozing off on the way home, so we went the next day. Lily the water buffalo was too old to work the fields, so her owner offers tourists a short ride to make some money. I wasn’t too keen, and thought I’d be holding my little one’s hand while she rode. Wrong! It was me sitting down, holding onto Daisy.

5) Go to Dingo Deli.

Not only do they have delicious pastries and homemade bread, but they have a play area out back. You can order kid-sized portions of some of the dishes too.

6) Go to the beach.

An Bang beach has lovely sand and plenty of loungers- free if you order food or drink. The waves can be strong, though, so be careful.