My daughter loved watching ‘Shrek, the Musical’ on DVD: if only the musical had been on when we moved back to the U.K… It wasn’t, but ‘Shrek’s Adventure!’ was. It had to be done…

Online, I discovered buying more than one entry for key Southbank attractions you get a decent discount.

With the London BIG Attraction Ticket and you can choose from the Sealife Centre, Coca-Cola London Eye, Shrek’s Adventure! Madame Tussauds, The London Dungeon & Big Bus tickets. The tickets are valid for 90 days, so you can book the time and day of the first one and sort the others later if you want.

What to choose for me was fairly easy: Shrek’s Adventure, the Sealife Centre and the London Eye. No still wax models or scary dungeons for my 3-year old! What is more, the number 11 bus does a great route through central London for a fraction of a cost if your child is too young to be into the commentary.

First visit: Dreamworks Shrek’s Adventure:

My opinion- a cool visit; it really was an adventure. The mirror maze freaked me out a bit, though if truth be told.

My little one’s opinion- “I liked the bus but I didn’t like the scary witch.” A lot of the tour is to do with a scary witch, so if your child gets scared easily I wouldn’t recommend it. It was very cleverly done, though- you are part of the story, moving from room to room after the 3d bus ride, meeting different characters on the way. If you want photos, make sure you’re ready to splash out and pose inside. We didn’t, so ours weren’t worth shelling out for (to my relief: money saved 🙂 The thing is, though, you’re not allowed to take photos until the Adventure has finished…

Next stop London Sealife Centre:

My daughter loved it! She loves fish and there were all sorts- colourful, big, scary. What’s more, there were penguins; you could see them swimming, sliding, waddling- through a dome or from the main viewing area. My daughter is a huge ‘Happy Feet’ fan so she was wowed by this bit.  All in all a good call. We may even go again!

Last stop the London Eye: 

My daughter was happy to say she’d been on the big wheel. It’s one of the things she always commented on when we went into the centre.  I couldn’t get enough of the views of the city; I took photo after photo in an attempt to catch the stunning views over London.

Daisy did some spinning round in between looking out and asking about what we saw as we went round.

I’m really glad we got all 3 tickets.

After the ride, you can walk along the Southbank, get a tea and check out the different acts. We were lucky enough to catch some these acrobats…

There was also someone pretending to be a cat and it really made me jump. I mean, who expects a loud cat to be there by you? We still giggle about it.

Whatever you choose, I think the Southbank offers a good day out.