All’s Well that Ends Well. Our trip to Nusapenida, Bali.

Why offer to help if you don’t really want to? Now I have a daughter I like to have plans in place. I like to prepare her for what is coming next wherever possible; I no longer take the attitude: 'Oh well, if we miss the boat it's ok, let's just chill, something will come

Menjangan Dynasty Resort- North Bali with children

The location of this five-star resort is lovely- a secluded beach with lovely views across the bay. No big waves, just sand, some stones, bits of coral and rock pools. There is a restaurant which has call buttons so you can be served at the beach or the pool, and a dive shop which also

Rambutan Boutique hotel; Lovina with kids

The entrance is quite impressive for a relatively small hotel. What's more, we were welcomed warmly and shown to our room. It's located not too far from Lovina beach if you want to try out the black sand or go on a trip to see dolphins. All in all the Rambutan Boutique Hotel makes for

Ubud Monkey Forest- to go or not to go with children?

When I asked my 3-year-old what she liked best: bird park, the Monkey forest or the rice terrace walk, she said "the monkeys". This rather surprised me- though the Sacred Monkey Sanctuary might be fun for for bigger kids, I'm not sure if recommend it for toddlers... On the way in from gate 1 there was

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