Last week was a big week for us- phase 2 of lockdown started and my daughter’s school opened. We have been social distancing since March and we have not met up with anyone. The nearest we got, was a doorstep conversation with neighbours and a friend who dropped something off.  We have hardly been out either- a weekly trip to the park and supermarket and that is it.

My daughter hadn’t even chatted to her friends on the phone: “I want to play with them, Mummy, not talk on the phone.” Fair enough, but I thought this might make it hard for her going back to school- seeing her friends when she hadn’t chatted to them.

I needn’t have been concerned. Day 1 at school and she was bubbly and happy, just like before. We met with a friend in the park and they went scooting round; it was lovely to see. I was able to have my first face to face chat in ages, with just a picnic mat to separate us, not a screen. It was great!


What hasn’t changed with phase 2 of lockdown:

I still wear a facemask in the supermarket and wipe down all the packaging when I get it home. I wash all our clothes when we’ve been out and we take a shower, too. Nobody comes round to the house for a visit. I am still (maybe overly) vigilant, leaving parcels at the front door for a few days before opening.  A lot hasn’t changed, but it meant so much to be able to meet people face to face- for both of us.

What has changed:

With my daughter’s school opening, I have been able to get things done I didn’t have a chance to before as I was on my own with my daughter 24/7. My daughter has seen some friends at school in her bubble of 10 at her Primary school. They do ‘bubble hugs’ at their own tables and spend a lot of time outside as the virus is less likely to transmit that way. There are no longer hot meals at school but sandwiches are available to lunch- which they have under a tree outside.  The day is shorter and parents have different time slots to keep to for drop off and pick up; no more mingling and chatting at the gate… More about going back to school here:

What does the future hold as lockdown is relaxed?

Looked at positively, there will be a gradual return to some sort of normality:  more shops will be opened next week, restaurants and pubs should be opened- even if only those with outdoor space. More groups will be allowed back to school and there will be a gradual return to some sort of normality. I hope this happens. It will require a degree of being sensible: keeping social distance, wearing a facemask when we can’t keep 2 metres and hoping that others do the same.