‘Moving House is stressful’ is what people always say. I’m not currently stressed but I am exhausted and a little overwhelmed.

It hasn’t been your usual move. It has become more of a work-in-progress than I expected and life has become a bit crazy.

Today the kitchen fitter told me that he had uncovered a nest of mice in the kitchen. I had thought I had seen something run across the floor the other day! Pest control had already been in after my friend identified droppings in a drawer, but they said they had gone.  I try to remind myself when I lived in Africa, rats ran through my mates’ living room and it is perfectly normal. That while trying not to let my 4-year-old find out in case she freaks.

He has also unmasked the side of the cooker and it is gross!! Sandwiches the way to go for a few days!

Why a flat in need of a refurb?

Trust me to make things complicated: I decided to go for a flat in need of a refurb, rather than one already ‘don’e in a desperate bid to save money. Being super tight on the budget I didn’t want to pay rental when I was going to be paying a mortgage. My daughter and I moved in, therefore, before it was ready.

With hindsight, maybe I should have found decorators and plumbers before and shelled out or at least have had them on hold for when I finally got a completion date. As it was, I posted a message on the local neighbourhood group,  and bugged friends to help.

Living in chaos

So in we moved, out came the carpet that smelled of dog (or so my daughter said) and off came the wallpaper that was peeling off to reveal surface mould. In came the decorator. I so did not forward plan. Now all the boxes are in and the carpet is out, how can we get a new carpet in, without moving all the stuff back out?! I have not unpacked half the boxes therefore- what is the point only to have to pack them up again?

I feel bad that my daughter has nowhere to play. Thankfully we are next to a park, but with these dark nights it isn’t much good of an evening….

Slowly Slowly

I have almost got my daughter’s room ready, thanks to a mate, a retired teacher. All I need now is get a carpet, and move her bed in (trying to assemble with a friend was impossible so need help here!)

The kitchen is half down- a start.

The kitchen door is on wheels (!) and can easily fall down

The hallway has been decorated, but has no carpet.

The living room is carpetless with freshly painted walls, but so much stuff you can’t move!

There is no carpet in the hallway and it is a constant battle against the dust caused by the works going on.

My room and the spare room are as they were (apart from now clean curtains)

The shower doesn’t work in the bath, but at least there is a bath…

The toilet works, even if it’s not pretty.

The garden is a mesh of brambles (but at least I have made a start removing the random bits of washing that had landed in it!)

Estate agents

Another hold up is my former estate agents from when I was letting in Bromley. They have not refunded any of deposit. They ‘need specialists’ due to lack of ventilation or some such, they say. I think there should have been windows that didn’t have condensation and an extractor fan in the bathroom. No deposit back at the mo means I am even more strapped for cash. Patience is a virtue I am slowly learning.


For me, one of the most annoying things about the move is that all of my favourite and everyday shoes have gone missing. No, they are not in a box. They have vanished. I suspect thrown away in a bin bag. Tip- don’t put things in bin bags for packing, use see-through bags or boxes!

All in all

I cannot currently see the end in sight. In fact, if I think about it, I start to feel rather stressed. I am currently living day to day an hoping no nasty and indeed costly suprises turn up. I am pretty sure my shoes won’t!

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