The location of this five-star resort is lovely- a secluded beach with lovely views across the bay. No big waves, just sand, some stones, bits of coral and rock pools. There is a restaurant which has call buttons so you can be served at the beach or the pool, and a dive shop which also organises tours. Sound good for a visit with children? Well in many ways it is.

Here’s our experience and my opinion of the Menjangan Dynasty resort…

On arrival it looked lovely, if very windy. I thought I may even book another night.

We got taken to our room on a buggy and all features of the room were explained nicely.

There were torches and a safe in the wardrobe and a one stop help button on the phone, I was told.

“Is there a TV?” asked my daughter.

“There’s a TV and DVD, the man said. Daisy was happy.

We borrowed some DVDs and planned to order a dinner in our lovely room.

We had a few flies buzzing about (maybe from when we came in, I’m not sure) I told reception; they sprayed and got rid of the ones I hadn’t ushered out. So far, so good.

Time to explore. Off we went to the beach. We ordered food using the button (Daisy loved this bit) then played on the sand and had a paddle.

What to do next?

All the pool beds were “booked” with towels. Next day we would go there…

“Can we see some fish?” Daisy asked. I wasn’t sure, so we went to the dive shop and asked. We were told to go down the beach to the pontoon and swim out, so I got a snorkel and mask, plus Daisy’s goggles and off we set. The tide was out, the wind was up and it was too difficult to get out to the pontoon without shoes/booties. Never mind, we could go another day…

Suggestion for the next day: hire a kayak, tie up the boat on the pontoon and snorkel. It was easier said than done. It was so windy and I really didn’t know how to tie up a boat anyway (nor did the guy now on duty in the shop) . I also started wondering if we got out of the kayak, would we actually be able to get back in easily? I nearly tipped the boat over getting in on the shore! Nonetheless it was fun kayaking, if hard work.

Apart from kayaking you can book a number of cool trips from the dive shop, including to see animals, birds, visit a mangrove and of course snorkelling at Menjangan Island.

Things I consider the could be improved:

The little things: make sure glasses and cups are cleared away when people order on the beach; check regularly to make sure soap doesn’t run out in the restaurant toilet.

Find a way to make sure you can reach reception by phone quickly: our phone didn’t always work and when reception was ‘online’ they couldn’t receive calls.

We had to walk over a couple of times to get things like the toilet fixed. That’s annoying when you’re on your own with a little one.

All waiters should ideally repeat your order. This would avoid misunderstandings.

At the restaurant one evening I ordered fried rice. Then I complicated things by asking for the egg on the top to be cooked both sides.

“Do you want two eggs?”
“No. Just one egg, cooked both sides.”

(I indicated turning over and the waiter copied me.) I thought I’d been understood but no, when dinner came there was steamed rice and two fried eggs (at least they were done on both sides).

The room is a luxury tent.

If glamping isn’t your thing, then maybe this resort is not for you. It is in a great spot though with one of the nicest beaches we found in Bali, in my opinion…