Here are some of the places we’ve visited for a long weekend that were on my bucket list of places to go in Malaysia:

First stop, Melaka

At the airport I bought a ticket for a taxi, to make sure it was a licensed one and off we went. Our guest house was in the centre so on arrival we went for a wander down Jonker Street (before deciding it was too hot). Solution? A colourful trishaw.

Our ‘driver’ took us to few famous sights Daisy* really enjoyed the ride, but photos? No, she just wanted to stay on the trishaw. Then we got to a temple: this pushed Daisy’s buttons; who’d have thought it? She happily spent some time exploring and learning about the rituals. Next on to a mosque; Daisy was fascinated.

In the evening, we passed by a little bar with a band warming up.

“Want to dance?” she asked me.

“Ok, just for a little bit.” Next thing she was invited to have a go on the drums and we were there for some time…

The next day was more obviously Daisy friendly: a trip to the zoo and a boat trip; we even came across a small playground. In the evening we went to an awesome Spanish restaurant- a home from home for us, and got a voucher to the aquarium. A perfect way to round off our last day.

Night safari: Taiping

It was a two and a half hour drive, but armed with CDs, snacks and water it was fine.

I had heard they did a ‘night safari’ there, but wasn’t sure what to expect, I mean, we were going zoo in the dark! The train driver built up the experience, talking excitedly about what we might be able to spot, then shining a torch to lots of “oohs”! The little ones felt a bit like explorers. We must do a real safari one day!

I am sometimes a bit dubious about what people without kids recommend you to do, but we picked and chose and a good day: a walk through a mangrove with trees, spiders and interesting sounds. From there, we drove to a fishing village for lunch before going a boat to feed the eagles and the fish. Daisy loved it. Now she always asks if we can go on the boat when she sees one.

On the last day we visited an orangutan sanctuary. It was interesting, but not enough to stay for ages I realised when ended up getting left behind by the boat! Fortunately shouting and waving brought it back!

Kuala Lumpur:

I headed there with no particular idea what to do, but taking the Lonely Planet for ideas. On reading the Lonely Planet, I found there was so much we could do, I didn’t know where to start! I plumped for Merdeka Square (in the top 10) Central market- a short walk away from the square, and Petaling Street with its Chinese lanterns. We did some shopping, got lunch and admired the new sights.

The next day was a bit more Daisy friendly- we visited the bird park in the morning, then took a free bus, getting off where it looked interesting and having a wander.

On our last morning, we headed to KLCC park. There was an amazing view of the Petronus towers there and also a water area with lots of children playing. Ah. No swimsuit.

“Pants off?” asked Daisy.
“No. But you can take your clothes off,” and in she went.

All in all these trips showed me that while playgrounds are good there is so much more that interests her. Next stop, who knows?

*Not her real name