Things I will miss:

The friends we’ve made:

My neighbours and their children-Daisy’s playmates. My neighbours are friendly and wonderfully helpful. In the evenings we shared quality time at the playground. Daisy learned the art of riding a bike (with stabilisers) and sharing ( sometimes). After the nannies left, my friend and neighbour took Daisy to nursery every day she could. So what? Well as it started at 8:00 is 15 minutes away. I took my daughter over to their flat each morning, sometimes with medicines and “Auntie” looked after her before taking Daisy and her son to nursery. I don’t know what I’d have done without them!

The flat-

It is modern, bright spacious flat, the gardens and pool. The pool will be greatly missed by both me and my little one. That said, when I came I missed our trips to the ‘Turia’- the dried riverbed gardens of Valencia where you used to go to walk and play and for picnics. Then Daisy learned to swim and all was good, plus we found a great indoor play area. I wonder what we’ll find in the U.K..

The people-

They are so warm, and respectful of all the different cultures there are here.

Things we’ll miss but less so:

The green of the jungle; Chinese food; seeing the sea.

Things I won’t miss

My debit card randomly not working e.g. for some online purchases and even to pay for a meal- as after 10 p.m.(!)

Driving here! The windy road round Penang and the traffic jams at the weekends; motorbikes!

High rise building work spoiling the scenery and creating noise and dust. A knock on effect is erosion, meaning landslides cut some areas off when it was wet season.

Healthcare for my little one- insurance covers main hospitals and panel clinics (all about 30 minutes’ drive away). Fine if they offered a reliably good device, but I will not forget driving to the hospital, convinced my daughter had broken her thumb, to have the Dr touch it and ask

“Does this hurt a lot?”

Daisy didn’t scream.

“No? Then it’s not broken”

Her thumb is now a weird shake so I’m convinced I was right! Following this and other potential misdiagnoses we now go to a Dr we pay for. Long live the NHS!

Being asked what I earn and what the flat costs.

Not being able to swim in the sea in Penang for fear of jellyfish ( and pollution)


Nowhere is perfect and we have enjoyed our time here, but I am looking forward to heading home…