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Horniman Museum and Gardens- Worth Exploring

It's been ages since I visited the Horniman Museum and I didn't remember it having an aquarium. When I found it did, we had to visit! I went for an annual pass with guest (my 4-year-old) for £43 without truly knowing what to expect. This did give us access to the Butterfly House, Aquarium

Dating: a Worthwhile Challenge or Waste of Time?

Are men lazy or have things changed? Why do I say that? From my recent experiences as I started to dabble in the world of dating again...  Shouldn't men make an effort? At least to start with?First of all, I don't have much time as a single mum, in full-time employment, but secondly, as I grew

Dummy- Saying Goodbye

I don't know if there is meant to be a certain age for getting rid of a dummy... Maybe there is; I went along with what was gut feeling. It wasn't easy, as we had a nanny who didn't seem to want to play along, but I got there in the end- with the help of

The British Museum with kids; a great day out with Lingotots!

We spent nearly 4 hours at the British Museum this weekend and I had to coax my daughter out! 4 hours with a four-year-old? 'How come?' you may ask. Firstly we had a Spanish-speaking tour with songs and stories that really awakened my little one's interest, then we had a wander to look at 'something

Reliable babysitters only, please!

A few days ago, one of the babysitters I have employed a handful of times messaged requesting a reference. She had a good way with my daughter but I was mega busy. I did say I would try and do it at the weekend, though. (In fact as she was due to come that

Fun London Parks to Visit with the Family.

We love London parks! There are plenty of great parks in London that have playgrounds or other features that are great for kids. These are our favourites for a family day out. 1) Kelsey Park, Beckenham Not only does it have a great play area for kids(with a cafe by it offering a fair selection of things to

Can Christmas be Magical without Santa?

Why oh why did I go along with the Santa thing? I am now beginning to regret it. After all, what’s wrong with celebrating Christmas and Mummy buying the presents with her hard-earned money? I can hardly now be the one to tell my daughter he's not real, can I? Don't get me wrong, I

Top Things to do in Hoi An with Kids

Hoi An is a beautiful town with an ancient centre and a bit further on, a beach that stretches for miles. The town is quite compact, so easy to walk or cycle around. There are plenty of shops and quality eateries, many with real character. It's good for children of all ages. We stayed, on

Menjangan Dynasty Resort- North Bali with children

The location of this five-star resort is lovely- a secluded beach with lovely views across the bay. No big waves, just sand, some stones, bits of coral and rock pools. There is a restaurant which has call buttons so you can be served at the beach or the pool, and a dive shop which also

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