Bicycle Tour, Hanoi, with a Four-year-Old.

On our recent trip to Vietnam, I hired a bike for the day with a child seat when in Hoi An. We had a lovely day, enjoying the breeze along the river, stopping off to look at Temples and ancient Houses. I was sold on cycling with my four-year-old. Then I went on a bicycle tour

Applying For a Reception Place for your Child- Tips

When I was looking for a reception place for my daughter to start in September 2018. She has now settled in her school and seems really happy. I hope your son/ daughter will be too. Here are some things you may find useful if like me back then, don't know where to start... Preliminary

Giving birth in Spain- Nothing like I expected!

Living in Spain at the time, I was going to give birth there and needed a birthing partner; a friend from work volunteered. Great! Or so I thought, until I received a letter from the hospital in which they wanted to induce me on a date she had arranged to go away... It being a

Learning to swim aged 2

When should your child to learn to swim? My daughter started at the age of two, but that is not to say it is the best age. It depends on you, your circumstances and your child. Do you go to places with water a lot? The American Association of Pediatrics says children can safely start to have swimming

Meeting Daddy for the First Time

I wrote this last year and was unsure about publishing, but have decided to do so one year on... After being in Malaysia for 364 days (residency rules) I was determined to travel with my then three-year-old to other parts of Southeast Asia before heading back to the U.K. I adore Vietnam and my

Have kids? Do travel! Some of my Why’s and How’s

‌I have always loved holidays. As I got older I discovered the joys of traveling and exploring new places. I remember listening to an interview on radio 4 with a mum traveling round India with her young daughter. I thought to myself "I'd like to do that, travel with my child if I have one,

From a Visit to Hyde Park to A & E; Beware Sandpits!

I am now convinced I cannot take my eye off my daughter for even a short time. We picnicked with friends in Hyde Park, then went to the Princess Diana Memorial playground in the corner. Initially, either me or a friend kept a keen eye on Daisy as she was playing with water and I was a

Our Day Out at the Kent County Show

I bought a ticket to the Kent County Show ages ago (thinking I was buying for Kent Life lol). I am glad I did. There was so much to see and we didn’t even see it all in the 5 hours we were there! What we did see: First of all some sheep. My daughter

Taking my Daughter to the Ballet for the First Time

I recently took my 4-year-old to 'My First Ballet: Swan Lake' and she thoroughly enjoyed it. The theatre was packed with excited children, not least my daughter. "When are they starting?" asked Daisy, repeatedly. This was just the beginning of the barrage of questions to come. "Is she/he a goodie or a baddie?" "What's going to happen

Stay-at-Home Mum? In my Dreams!

When I was growing up, my Mum was a stay-at-home Mum. It was quite the norm back then, but never something I saw myself doing. As I started to think about the possibility of kids, I thought it would be great to have a parent at home and thought perhaps I would find a

Horniman Museum and Gardens- Worth Exploring

It's been ages since I visited the Horniman Museum and I didn't remember it having an aquarium. When I found it did, we had to visit! I went for an annual pass with guest (my 4-year-old) for £43 without truly knowing what to expect. This did give us access to the Butterfly House, Aquarium

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