We love the panto. We actually went three times last year! Last year’s favourite was Jack and the Beanstalk in Hammersmith. This year we went to see Cinderella at the Churchill Theatre and Robin Hood in Stoke. I asked my daughter what she likes about the panto and here are her answers:

1) “The men dressed up in dresses”

The ugly sisters in Cinderella were really funny! They kept changing clothes and it was funny when one of them had wind

2) Slapstick

Pushing people off the log then bouncing back onto it (Robin Hood, Stoke)

The end of Cinderella where they were all in a line, singing about what else they’d like to be,  hitting Buttons with a tennis racket and thing. And Buttons was wearing a ballet dress.

3) “Dancing all together”

“I like the music and when we see the girls dance.”

(My daughter told me she’d like to join in. I’ve booked her into a dance class for the new year)

4) The bit where you go:

“He’s behind you”

“Oh yes we are!!” “Oh no you’re not!”

Shouting “Buttons”, to warn him when someone was going to take his gift for Cinderella.

5) Panto jokes

I’m not sure how many my daughter understands as some are aimed at us adults of course; I think sometimes she laughed as the laughter was contagious. I doubt she really got it when the Sheriff of Nottingham forest threatened to turn us into ‘mingers’ only as he looked round at us, he realised someone had beaten him to it!

6) Songs

‘Baby shark duh duh duh duh duh duh’ They sang it to scare off ghosts. A ghost kept appearing, though so:

“We’ll have to sing it again then won’t we?” said the cast and started over. My daughter and her friend sang it all the way back to our friend’s house, so this was probably her favourite bit.

What do you love or hate about the panto? I look forward to hearing your responses.