I didn’t even know there was a bird park in Ubud until I got a comment on our Facebook page.

Daisy loves animals and birds, what kid doesn’t?

So I decided to fit it into our day and I’m glad I did.

We saw birds, fed birds and even had birds on our head at Bali Bird Park!

We were very lucky with our timing.

They have two feeding times a day and also a bird ‘show’. I use inverted commas as it was more a photo opportunity with information than a show. It was cool to be able to hold the parrot, though and you can tune in while enjoying a refreshing drink.

After this, we had a wander and saw very clearly-labeled birds in their aviaries before heading the lory feeding. A little group of us gathered and waited excitedly. Soon a Bird Park rep came along with food and explained to us how to feed the birds. There were insects, grubs and seeds for them, as well as something to drink in a small metal bowl. The guide was also really informative and open to questions as the birds came over, be it flying or walking.

“Again?” asked Daisy several times. She got plenty of chances to feed the birds and loved it.

The birds came and went. Some landed on people’s heads, other walked around (the peahen and the giant pigeon among others). It was great! Ok, if you’re scared of birds, it would freak you out, but then you’d probably not visit a bird park anyway…

The same day we also visited the famous Ubud rice terraces and the Monkey Forest in Gianyar. To do all f this we hired a taxi driver who waited for us at each of the sites, so it was stress free.  Whatever you decide to visit, don’t forget your camera!