I bought a ticket to the Kent County Show ages ago (thinking I was buying for Kent Life lol). I am glad I did. There was so much to see and we didn’t even see it all in the 5 hours we were there!

What we did see:

First of all some sheep. My daughter was excited already, so I thought I’d take a photo to remember it by. Oops; found I’d left my phone in the car. When we got back there was a huge robot which she found really scary so we hurried away.

Next stop war remembrance: the Centenary Soldier. It is a Royal British monument to those who died in the war. You can write a message on a petal then watch it and others fly around the soldier which is cool. The plinth is from the Somme and his body is covered with shells from the war.

Next to the Soldier was the Flower Show. There wouldn’t be any scary robots in there so in we went. After looking at the lovely displays we went to see some bees in a display case making honey. I saw there was flower making for children at 2:00 so set my alarm to remind us to go.

Next stop food and water.

There was plenty of choice! We went for paella in memory of our time living in Spain.


From here we had a wander and saw all sorts of interesting things.

Here are a few of our highlights:

Sheep wool display; it was so soft my daughter cuddled it and a lady gave with a loom gave her a bit as she thought that was really cute 🙂

The flower arranging was nice/ we have a pretty basket of flowers now, and I think we can reuse. Carrying it round in the heat was perhaps not the best idea, mind.

After this we set off to see some more of the Kent County Show animals:

The best part for my daughter was holding a chicken.


Do buy a guide and map for 3 pounds and plan a bit. It was great having a wander, but we missed all the music by not making a real plan other than to see lots of animals (which we did).

Fill up your watre at Teddy’s tractors- there’s a tap, or buy a relatively cheap bottle at MB farmshop..

We were coming from Bromley, so took the M20 towards Maidstone and came off at junction 7. It was well sign-posted to the Kent County Show as we got near. Once there, there were stewards to guide you to a parking spot. Don’t forget to take note of where you park as there are so many visitors!

If coming on the M2, come off at junction 5.

There are also shuttle buses if getting a train into Maidstone.

If you didn’t make it this year, look out for it July 2019…