I just hit a big ‘0’ and had a party to celebrate my birthday as well as the move, but I hid all he cards with my age on!

The consensus from my friends is age doesn’t matter (I guess that’s why they thought nothing of getting me cards with my age on it). Recently I’ve started seeing a guy considerably younger (not quite 30) and I haven’t told him my age yet; I am not sure I want to…

Why I don’t want to say:

I remember when I was engaged to a guy in my late 20s, who was younger. he used to love winding me up about the age gap, saying I was ‘pushing 30’. We never got married… I don’t want it to be something that can be used in that way and I would rather forget about my age than be reminded of it!

Does he mind?

I don’t think he minds not knowing, though he did keep trying to guess last weekend. He played all kinds of old music from the Jackson 5, to Madness and Womack and Womack to see what I listened to in my childhood. He mentioned various ages 30-50 and I kept a straight face. Maybe I should try poker lol.

Is it just me?

No. I remember once hearing on the radio about a woman who was over ten years older than her husband. She even had the wrong date of birth on her passport! They had 3 children together and he was none the wiser for years. I guess when she eventually revealed it, it was no longer an issue.

What does it mean to get older?

One of my retired friends said

“You know you’re getting older when you make noises when you get up!” I’ve been very self conscious since I must say!

When I hit thirty I started worrying about fertility; I had my daughter a later than that though so I needn’t have. All in all I think a lot of it is state of  mind. That can keep you well too, can’t it. Nonetheless I do feel like our relationship is under a kind of a ticking time bomb but maybe I don’t need to worry.

My friends say ‘as long as you’re both happy’. I hope his will say the same…