Why oh why did I go along with the Santa thing? I am now beginning to regret it. After all, what’s wrong with celebrating Christmas and Mummy buying the presents with her hard-earned money? I can hardly now be the one to tell my daughter he’s not real, can I? Don’t get me wrong, I love the magic of Christmas, but shouldn’t she show Mum she’s been a good girl, not a man in a white beard?!

My little one’s gifts were from me and some of my friends- is it not better if she realises this? Perhaps I should have said just one of the gifts was from Santa? The thing is, though, I was worried about the whole “you’ve been good” stuff. I thought she may not think she’d done really well all year if she didn’t get more than one gift. As a single Mum with no family nearby it is also a bit of a logistical nightmare trying to buy presents without my daughter knowing.

Santa here, Santa there, Santa everywhere!

Nevertheless, I tried really hard to make the whole Santa thing real, but things got a bit complicated. In the end Santa was “popping up” here there and everywhere and I don’t just mean seeing him when out and about. First of all there was the trip to ‘ADVENTureland’ to meet Santa. Then there was the visit to friends’ – she went to the next room, rang a bell and a gift appeared (I have to say she loved that!) Next, I bought a bike on ‘gumtree’ and explained it was her main gift,  that Father Christmas brought early.

Christmas Day itself we spent at a friend’s and Santa put some presents under the tree. Then on the way home we picked up a toy castle found on ‘market place’. My daughter asked why the man hadn’t got a beard(!) Finally, when we got home, there were some small gifts in a box under the tree, as I thought she may wonder why he’d not visited our flat.

Thank goodness for the tradition of taking down the tree and decorations, as she did start asking if more gifts were coming. It’s hardly surprising!

I’m glad it’s a long wait til next Christmas. Maybe she’ll even find out the truth by then?