I like to be organised and I think it is important to provide your child with some stability and continuity, don’t you? I would have hoped a childminder / nanny would also have these values but I seem to have been unlucky so far.

When in Penang with my daughter aged 2:

Nanny 1:

Imagine you don’t like your job and you can just give 24 hours notice? Well, that is what nanny number one did!
I was shocked! Why did she want to leave? To work in a school canteen!

“It’s ok, my friend will start tomorrow” nanny 1 told me. A friend I’d not met starting the next day? I didn’t think so. I did interview her the next day, but wasn’t keen. She didn’t have the gentle ways of nanny 1 (and she looked like a man with lipstick on, if truth be told). More importantly, she didn’t understand some of my basic questions.

On to nanny 2:

Eventually, I managed to find a part-time nanny through a local Facebook page. I was by now sceptical as to how long she’d last.

Nanny 2 seemed super helpful but then she informed me she was off to Singapore to get a divorce and had no idea if/when she’d be back.  Call me a cynic if you like, but I wasn’t sure I believed her. I even wondered if it was because that Monday I gave her a list of things to do each day (just to make it clear what was expected).

Nanny 3:

A no-show on the day she was due to start.

Nanny 4:

I didn’t find one. Thankfully a friend and neighbour helped me out each morning and I found a lovely babysitter.   

Back in the UK:

I thought I would have better luck.  This Summer, I met 2, both of whom had their spaces filled up by the time I had heard back from the school breakfast club. One of them then recommended a friend. We met her in July. She seemed nice and told me she could do an extra 45 minutes on the parents evenings on my calendar.


Parents evening round 1 arrived and she pleaded ignorance!

A snippet of the sheet i gave with parents evening times on

Is the finish time clear?

‘I thought I only had to work until 6:00. I need a social life, you know!’

Her (reluctant) solution: to change her Zumba to Monday so I can’t do my weekly exercise any more; at least I can do my job!

The latest:

‘My circumstances have changed.’ She said she can no longer look after my daughter. When probed I got nowhere. I suspect it is the fact there will be more parents evenings, but don’t know. She said my daughter is lovely but that’s the way it is. Small consolation.

Have you had a similar experience? Am I unlucky or somehow doing it wrong?

Please share the love and leave me a comment.

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