It is a great idea to start exposing your children to the sounds of a language from a young age and to start learning one before secondary school. There are many benefits to learning from a young age.

Here are the top ones for me: 

  • It is easier

  • Children are generally less afraid to have a go and will readily get used to the new sounds

  • Children are usually happy to have a go

  • Children don’t feel the need to use overly complex structures to communicate. So, they are more likely to have a go and get their message across.

  • It boosts cognitive development

  • Studies show learning a second language boosts cognitive development

  • Better Problem Solving Skills and Greater Creativity

  • Long term learning a foreign language can mean your child more is creative and has better problem solving  skills

  • It broadens their mind and helps build empathy and intercultural understanding

I have, as a parent and a teacher of Early Years, experience of teaching a new language to young children. I can honestly say that children as young as 3 have loved learning Spanish with me. One boy said my daughter was ‘Very lucky’ to have me as a mum so she could learn with me. How sweet! T

hey may not remember most of the new words from one week to the next, but with twenty minutes once a week this is not surprising.  They do remember songs though and this is a great way to get used to sounds and phrases.

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