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Our Life in Phase 2 of Lockdown

Last week was a big week for us- phase 2 of lockdown started and my daughter's school opened. We have been social distancing since March and we have not met up with anyone. The nearest we got, was a doorstep conversation with neighbours and a friend who dropped something off.  We have

Back to Primary School Post Lockdown

I sent my daughter back to primary school today- after 10 weeks of social distancing. Covid-19 is in my feed daily. I also have also posted about it and, I must say that until very recently I was nervous about sending her back. This morning, she insisted she wanted to stay in bed all

Benefits of Learning a Language at an Early Age

It is a great idea to start exposing your children to the sounds of a language from a young age and to start learning one before secondary school. There are many benefits to learning from a young age. Here are the top ones for me:  It is easier Children are

Celebrations to mark Chinese New Year

After living in Penang for a year and making some good friends from the Penang Chinese community, I like to mark the Chinese New Year, perhaps more than the Gregorian calendar one. I have fond memories of Chinese New Year 2017 as it was full of tradition. I was happy to be able to mark

Wonderlab- Discovering Science

It was our first visit to the Science Museum and didn’t know where to start; I saw a family with young children coming down the stairs so decided to ask them what they recommended. 'Wonderlab' was the answer. “You have to pay to go in to Wonderlab but it’s really worth it.” We followed their

My Life as a Single Mum and Teacher

Thursday 23:45 It’s nearly midnight and I’m about to go to bed. Have I been up partying or chatting? No, it was parents evening number 12. My daughter (4) was super tired when I picked her up at 19:00 but didn’t want to go to bed. After a bit of relax time, I settled

He’s Behind you! Why my daughter loves the Panto

We love the panto. We actually went three times last year! Last year’s favourite was Jack and the Beanstalk in Hammersmith. This year we went to see Cinderella at the Churchill Theatre and Robin Hood in Stoke. I asked my daughter what she likes about the panto and here are her answers: 1) "The men

Me Versus Various Tradesmen. My Renovating Experience So Far

If you read my last post about moving, you will know the flat I bought needs a lot of work. I will be honest, I didn’t realise how much! I have been (and am) at the mercy therefore of various tradesmen, (I haven’t found a woman round here in the renovating field as yet). The start

Moving house; mice and other suprises

'Moving House is stressful' is what people always say. I'm not currently stressed but I am exhausted and a little overwhelmed. It hasn't been your usual move. It has become more of a work-in-progress than I expected and life has become a bit crazy. Today the kitchen fitter told me that he had uncovered

All’s Well that Ends Well. Our trip to Nusapenida, Bali.

Why offer to help if you don’t really want to? Now I have a daughter I like to have plans in place. I like to prepare her for what is coming next wherever possible; I no longer take the attitude: 'Oh well, if we miss the boat it's ok, let's just chill, something will come

Childcare: the hunt for a reliable childminder continues

I like to be organised and I think it is important to provide your child with some stability and continuity, don’t you? I would have hoped a childminder / nanny would also have these values but I seem to have been unlucky so far. When in Penang with my daughter aged 2: Nanny 1:

Homework in reception; How much is too much?

I don't know about you, but personally, I am not keen on homework for little ones. I like to have some free weekends, go with the flow, check the weather and decide with my four-year-old what to do. Until now, evenings were often the same. My daughter would say if she fancied going out on

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