Celebrations to mark Chinese New Year

After living in Penang for a year and making some good friends from the Penang Chinese community, I like to mark the Chinese New Year, perhaps more than the Gregorian calendar one. I have fond memories of Chinese New Year 2017 as it was full of tradition. I was happy to be able to mark this New year with a visit to the theatre to see a Chinese dance troupe, though it was not quite as I expected (more about that in a subsequent post)…

To me New Year’s Eve post 1999 is a bit of a letdown, and super expensive. It seems to be a night to drink, pay extortionate entry fees, taxis and babysitters. I do not bother with NYE here really. In Penang, marking Chinese New year was refreshingly different.

In Penang, Malaysia:

There were oranges, red envelopes, performances and displays. It was amazing to be part of this. here is a display from a shopping centre called ‘Gurney Plaza’



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