About My Little One And Me

“Where are you from?” My daughter, Daisy* often gets asked.

“Where am I from, Mummy?” she asks in reply.

That’s a tricky one: she has a British passport but has never lived there; she spent the first two years of her life in Spain and is currently living in Malaysia.

Hmm. The U.K. is what I usually plump for.

As for me, I am from the U.K. and that’s where family and many of my friends live but I love travel so much, my Mum sometimes used to explain: “She’s a world traveller!”’when people asked why I hadn’t ‘settled down and had a baby yet’. I still haven’t settled down but I am extremely fortunate to have a lovely, clever, beautiful daughter to share my travels with.

I had been dreading the journey from Spain to Malaysia with my little one- it was a serious long haul one- departing at 13:00 and arriving at lunchtime the next day, with two changes (and in the end 7 bags!.  I was nervous, but didn’t even dare watch a YouTube clip that was recommended- of a woman who does it all the time. This was partly as it would bring the reality of the long journey home and partly as I thought there was no way I’d be able to live up to it!  In the end, Daisy slept most of the journey and all was fine.

Since this journey, she has even told me “I like airplanes, I like puppies!” Buoyed by this comment, we have been on several trips since. I may not stay in a bunk bed at a backpackers any more and I won’t go hiking up a mountain in the dark to see the sunrise (though to be honest I prefer not to get up in the wee hours!) but I still believe independent travel is the best. Sharing experiences with Daisy is simply wonderful.

I’ll admit travelling on your own with a little one is not always easy, but my daughter has learned a lot (as have I). We’ve shared some amazing moments so far; may there be many more… I hope that from sharing with you I will encourage many more families ( including of course other single Mums) to travel further afield and explore with their little ones.

*not her real name